Friday, April 4, 2008

Shrinking the miles...

Eureka! Welcome us to the 21st century! With the busyness of the guesthouse, river trips, and everyday ministries, and with the flakiness of the Internet here in the Amazon, we've had a hard time keeping in touch. Our heart is that this new blog will shrink the miles between us. We want to rejoice and pray with you, laugh and cry with you, and encourage you with the great things God is doing here in the Amazon Basin!

Here are some quick updates:

  • We've been blessed with four powerful teams this year-- two from Canada and two from the U.S. God continues to melt hearts with the Gospel here. Please pray for the many new believers in Igarapé-Açú, Curicaca, Prainha, and Ilha do Bom Vento. Some will face persecution from family and friends, some will not. All will face the challenges of new birth. Pray for great discipleship, and spiritual protection-- and for fire! :)

  • Jonathan (our son) has received his FAA certification as an airframe mechanic! After two more years of training at Moody Aviation, he'll be ready for his dream -- to be a missionary pilot! God has been so faithful with both our sons. Pray for discernment of where the Lord would have Jonathan serve (of course, we hope it's the Amazon!), and for financial provision for the many hours of flight training he'll need in order to be licensed. (Donors welcome!)

  • We're off! Sunday we leave for Belém, a big city at the mouth of the Amazon, for Bionic Betty to get a new pacemaker. The operation is actually quite minor, but we still very much covet your prayers. We should be back by the 19th of April. Praise the Lord for these contraptions!!! Take a lickin' and keep on tickin'!

The Lord bless you, and THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!

Hugs, Don & Betty

Project AmaZon (PAZ), Santarém, Brazil


greg said...

Thanks for your faithfulness in communicating with us. It's so exciting to hear what's happening on your half of the world. Congrats on the new technology!

Michael Gantt said...

I don't need to tell you that here in cold Vermont we cherish every word that comes out of Santarem. We are so looking forward to seeing you later on this year! Our prayers go with you to Belem!

DeLarm-Neri said...

Betty, good luck on your pacemaker update. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, your Cousins Jeanne & Gianni

Michael said...

Our mission team met today to plan our annual mission celebration.
Boy! Are you guys going to be busy!!! We are so happy you're going to be around to share your heart and experiences with us.

Jonathan B said...

Hey, look at me, I'm on the internet! Wow -- you guys are out modernizing me. I don't even have a website or blog. This is the first blog I have ever written. (Well, second, I just wrote on pr. Mike's blog.) Good luck with the operation. Luv u guys!

mrslunch said...

I am So glad to see you here.. i enjoy your view hope you enjoy mine. In his name Robyn <><

John said...

Hi Don and Betty,
You are far ahead of me with a blog. I agree with Don-don't understand or like the term. However, if it allows us to be more easily connected, it's great. Our team had a great time this year as we did last. I have talked with Mike to get the latest updates. Pat and I look forward to seeing and maybe hosting you on your US trip. May God bless you mightily for the work you are doing for Him.

Oliver said...

Yippee!!! LOVE that you guys have a blog and I will definitely be a regular visitor. I hang on to every word and update I get from the Amazon and keep you all in my prayers!

Betty...I am sure by the time you read this your heart will be tickin' with a new pace-maker and you're back to 'normal'! :)

BigRedHead said... i wrote comments and they left them in oliver's name. NO FAIR!!! :)